Ancaster Food Equipment
Ancaster Food Equipment is recognized as one of the biggest suppliers of refurbished True glass door freezers & coolers in the country. If you are a restaurateur in Canada, chances are you might be looking for industrial grade freezers and refrigerators to keep your perishable items fresh.

Welcome to Ancaster Food Equipment in Canada

We are more than happy to provide the equipment you need to run a successfulbusiness. Since our inception over 30 years ago, Ancaster Food Equipment hasprovided a largeselection of commercial refrigerators, freezers, and coolers forconvenience store owners, restaurant owners, and more!

Refurbished True Commercial Refrigerators& Coolers in Canada

True commercial fridges and coolers rosethrough the ranks to become thebest commercial refrigeration equipment in the world today. Whether you arelooking for a 1 Door Cooler or a 3 Door Cooler, we have products that will fityour application. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that all of our True commercialcooler and refrigeration systems are affordable and reliable.

Refurbished True Commercial Glass DoorFreezers in Canada

If you are looking to get True glass doorfreezers that look as if they came fresh from the manufacturer, you have cometo the right place. Ancaster Food Equipment's refurbished units meet theserequirements and cost up to 50 percent less than brand-new units. What's more,these kinds of glass door freezers in Canada are outfitted with illuminatedexterior sign panels, self-containedcapillary tube systems, and triplepane thermal glass doors.

Novelty Freezers in Canada

Because novelty freezers feature a glass-topdisplay, these kinds of equipment allow users to view frozen contents insidethe freezers. That is why they are perfect machines forthe storage and merchandising of novelty ice creams and other types offrozen food. Be sure to check out our 160-liter One Sliding Door NoveltyFreezer and 360-liter Two Sliding Door Novelty Freezer. Both units feature a temperaturerange of <-18 degree Celsius!

Portable Sinks in Canada

If you are looking for self-contained handwashing stations, look no further than Ancaster Food Equipment. We offer qualityrefurbished portable sinks in Canada that eliminate cross-contamination. Youwill be pleased to know that our tanks can hold up to 16 gallons of fresh waterand 21 gallons of wastewater – the largest available on the market! Ancaster'ssingle-basin, double-basin and triple-basin sinks come with extremely durablewheels.

Buy from Ancaster Food Equipment Today!

Ancaster Food Equipment has been in businessfor over 30 years, providing high quality refrigerators, coolers, and freezersat very affordable prices. Our team is comprised of refurbishmentspecialists and technicians who specialize in refurbishing commercialrefrigeration equipment to the high industry standards.

When you purchase True refurbished equipmentfrom Ancaster, we will give the units an aesthetic makeover, replace virtuallyall parts, and conduct rigorous tests to ensure that they work perfectly. Ancasteris a bonded, insured and licensed company that can facilitate cross Canadashipping. You can count on us to deliver seamless experiences when it comes topurchasing odorless and sterilized glass door fridges, freezers, and coolers.

If you are looking to buy refurbished True refrigerators, freezers, andcoolers in Canada today, simply get an instant quote by calling (877)712-4326or ask for more relevant information by filling up our