How to choose the right outdoor EDC flashlight
The same type of outdoor sports will have a certain emphasis on outdoor EDC flashlights. How to choose a suitable outdoor flashlight?

With the development of outdoor sports, outdoor sports have become the sport of concern and love of the whole people. The scope of outdoor sports is particularly wide, both having certain commonality, and because of the different types of outdoor sports, the outdoor EDC flashlight has a certain aspect of emphasis. Such as hiking requires better endurance, search needs high brightness and long exposure, diving needs good waterproof performance. How to choose a suitable outdoor EDC flashlight will be discussed in the following order from commonality to personality.

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1. Endurance time (continuous lighting time): Endurance time is a very important parameter in outdoor flashlights. In dark outdoors, if the outdoor EDC flashlight suddenly turns off, this is not good news. The brightest time, the darkest time, and the endurance time of the flashlight are all related to the battery and the charger.

2. Waterproof level: The waterproof level is IPX 0-8. Above IPX-6 is sufficient. IPX-8 is the highest level, and it can work normally at a depth of 2 meters. Water resistance has something to do with the waterproof rubber ring!

best outdoor flashlight

3. Bulbs: Good outdoor flashlights use American CREE LED bulbs, which are clear and have a long life.

4. Circuit board: Is it a constant current circuit, is it an intelligent memory circuit, is it an over-discharge protection circuit?

5.Range range: Generally enough to reach 100 meters. More than 200 meters is dedicated to rescue!

6. Spotlight and astigmatism: good spotlight, the range is far, but only one point; astigmatism has a short range, but the area is large

7. Gears: Outdoor EDC flashlights have gears with different brightness. And it will automatically jump to the low light level as the battery power is consumed, it will not suddenly go out!

8. Dominance of light: Many people ignore this. Divided into white light (looks very bright), medium white light (looks yellowish, penetration is stronger than white light), yellow light (looks like yellow light, best penetration, suitable for rain and fog weather, general cave exploration, rock climbing, Rescue is all)

9. The softness of light: almost everyone ignores it because it is not obvious. The same very bright outdoor EDC flashlight, when approached, the softness is poor, the eyes are painful, and the head will be dizzy; but the softness is good , it will not be!

10. Barrel, lens, reflector cup cover: these few people can notice. Good outdoor EDC flashlight uses aerospace aluminum as the barrel; double-sided anti-reflection coating tempered glass as the lens; mercury coating as the reflective cup cover.